Casio Watches G Shock For Baby

Casio watches G Shock are world renowned for their toughness along with their sports functionality these watches pack some serious style and are certainly unmatched when it comes to durability and reliability.

Casio G-Shock Range

Casio started producing the G-Shock in 1983, and since then it has held on strong.

Following on from this early development, Casio has led the way with a number of revolutionary advancements in that they was  one of the first  companies  to introduce quartz crystal watches, developed one of the first radio controlled watches, and were the first ever company to produce a watch with a built in calculator. Casio as a brand has always looked to improve the products by looking to improve their already useful product line. Casio watches G Shock established the new category of the shock resistant watch, and has become Casio’s signature model and with a long held reputation which pushes the limits of shock resistance and also, water resistance. Combining digital precision housed in a fortress offering the greatest shock resistance on the planet and superior quality without compromising the latest styling and functionality these multi function watches are adored by millions of happy wearers.

Casio Chronograph

This Oceanus Super Chronograph is another timepiece from Casio displayed in a sporty looking watch and still remains to be a fashionable and stylish watch. The Oceanus Chronograph also includes several functions including a chronograph for the hour and minute counters found on the sub dials as well as a small second’s counter.

Casio Digital Watches

From the year 2000 and beyond, Casio has established more inventions to their watch selection, comprising watches highlighting MP3 players and even timepieces with digital still cameras. Although recognized for employing leading engineering in its digital watches, Casio as well continues a diversity of well-crafted analogue watches and has latterly established new and chic product lines comprising of seven models that personify the identical renowned reputation that Casio watches G Shock posses in terms of durability with a fashionable, new analog and digital composite design.

Pathfinder by Casio Watches

Casio Sea-Pathfinder watches are designed for water-sports and sailing, with Moon and Tide Graph, Dual time and stopwatch. The Casio Pathfinder is extremely precise because of its atomic timekeeping features and rugged look Casio Pathfinder Watch is an atomic, solar powered, water resistant watch coming with gadgets and sensors including altimeter, barometer, digital compass, moon graph and tide graph. Perfect for sailors and scuba diving as well for trekking and hiking in other words Casio pathfinder fits in marine, outdoor and field watches category.



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