Ladies Baby-G Watches

Casio Baby-G Watches are intended for fun youthful ladies of all ages with enthusiastic and engaged ways of life that require a watch that will fullfil all their requirements.

They have long been known as a watch that pushes the limits of shock resistance and water resistance and Casio has put the Baby G shock watches through a variety of different tests in order to make sure that these watches can stand up to just about any possible situation.

A Casio digital watch is tough and known for it’s shock resistance and with a unique feminine touch is similar to the men’s version of the G-shock but is of course smaller and less bulky than it’s female counterpart but nevertheless has a perfect balance of feminine and a sporty nature.

Solar Powered Casio Watches

Some Casio Digital watch models are solar powered, store phone numbers, world time and include tide graphs. The unique Casio solar conversion cell enables the watch to charge the battery whenever placed under indoor or outdoor ambient light. The solar cell is charges the storage battery by producing the power and is included with the Waveceptor series which is known for keeping accurate time by the use of the Atomic timekeeping function and is also smartly equipped with solar power technology.

Radio Controlled Watches

The principle range of radio controlled watches include the G-Shock, Baby-G, ProTrek plus many others. These radio signals monitor and update the time hourly so that the correct time is always displayed ensuring absolute accuracy, to the second, by automatically picking up a signal from radio transmitters in locations all over the world.

Casio Pathfinder

Casio Pathfinder timepieces include moment detectors that expose bearing, pressure, and additional surroundings to help keep the wearer in touch with the regular world when inspiring themselves within the great outdoors. Casio Sea Pathfinder Watches are the ultimate sea-going timepieces for committed oceaneers. The astonishing Casio watch variety of Pro trek (Pathfinder) embodies characteristics the likes of wrist mounted Global Positioning Systems, directional aids, temperature detectors and much more which is precisely the item for mountain climbers, fishermen or anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. Almost all of the Casio digital watch series are bundled with features and are perfect for active people who want to wear their watch where ever they go or whatever they do for example running, swimming, travel, school, and many sports.

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